Palace of Versailles


Push the doors of the French Royalty…

The Palace of Versailles is a monument of French heritage.


The kings of France Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI resided there permanently between 1682 and 1789.


This property, consisting of the castle and its domain, was intended to glorify the French monarchy.


Located southwest of Paris, this architectural jewel has 2,300 rooms, of which 1,000 are currently dedicated to the museum, and covers 65,154 m². The park of the castle covers 184 hectares, including 94 hectares of garden.


There are also outbuildings, such as the Grand Trianon, which was the residence of great historical personalities such as Napoleon or Charles 10, but also an orange grove or the royal stables.


Lose yourself in this haven of peace, for an exceptional journey back in time that will plunge you into the backstage of the History of France.


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