Marc Schneider, General Manager, Hotel **** Roi Soleil Prestige Strasbourg

Marc is a “child of the country”.

Born in Phalsbourg, it is in Alsace, a region he loves so much, that Marc builds himself and founds his family.

At 20 years old, his professional baccalaureate in hand in the field of robotics in an industrial environment, he decided to join the Gendarmerie Nationale and did his military service.

At that time, the integration of new recruits on a full-time basis is not possible, however, Marc, who has since been awarded the rank of Chief Warrant Officer, is assigned to the Gendarmerie Operational Reserve. He still performs several missions on the ground every year during his holidays and weekends.

At 22 years old, he won the position of Head of Raw Material in an agribusiness company. After 5 years of experience in this position, he made the choice to embark on a joint project with his wife: hotel management. It is for him the ideal sector that can meet his professional ambitions and his desire for human contact.

He becomes, with his wife, manager of a holiday village for a year.

In search of a new challenge, it is to two that they submit a spontaneous application to the director of the establishments Roi Soleil who was looking for a couple to run the Hotel ** Roi Soleil Mulhouse Kingersheim. They are hired in 2001, and for 2 years, will take this project very seriously.

By mutual agreement, Marc and his wife are thinking about a “mono-director” project that he submits to the owner of the Roi Soleil hotels with audacity and determination.

The project accepted, Marc is offered the position of director of the Hotel ** Roi Soleil Colmar that he will accompany in its evolution during 2 years. It is then in the Hotel ** Roi Soleil Strasbourg Mundolsheim, that Marc is called, to revitalize the establishment.

In 2018, a 9th hotel, the first 4 stars, joins the big family of Roi Soleil and the NEHÔ group which they have been part of since 2017: the Hotel**** Roi Soleil Prestige Strasbourg in Schiltigheim.

With his 18 years of experience, Marc wanted to take on a new challenge and now holds the position of General Manager of this establishment.